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Companies and organizations try to align their objectives with the expectations of their stakeholders. How to be more competitive and more sustainable? Orienting your activity towards economic, environmental and SOCIAL sustainability, investing in Innovation and trusting people. These are some of the reasons why we believe it is worth a Sports Sponsorship:  

  • Tax benefits for the sponsoring company or organization (up to 35% of the tax deduction basis)
  • Sports Sponsorships report a high degree of popular acceptance
  • For many companies and organizations, it can provide a feature of Innovation
  • A Sports Sponsorship adds and identifies values sensitive to the sponsored brand: solidarity, companionship, fair play, improvement, integration, healthy living, teamwork and communication …
  • A Sports Sponsorship is an investment and not an expense because the sponsored brand establishes an emotional link with the sport and its values. This link is much stronger in the view of its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, public administrations and investors ) than that achieved through traditional advertising
  • Presence, notoriety and diffusion to stand out from the competition
  • Supporting base sports categories identifies the sponsored brand with the value of the training

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