Associació Esportiva Àguila Maresme

Associació Esportiva Àguila Maresme is the Catalan name of the non-profit sports association "Àgila" (accent on the first vowel). The word "àguila" is translated from Spanish and Catalan as "eagle". Maresme is the name of the comarca - an administrative district and a beautiful coastline north of the city of Barcelona, ​​where the legal address of the organization is located. The association is registered in the register of sports organizations of the Council of Sport of Catalonia (Registre d'Entitats Esportives, Consell Català de l'Esport) under the number 18292.
History, mission and values 

Association as a legal entity appeared in 2017, but as an association of people who are not indifferent to sports - a year earlier. Living in Barcelona, natives of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Moldova joined together to participate in the Catalan Futsal Championship. During the 2016-2017 season, our futsal team participated in the first league federation Federació Catalana de Futbol Sala and took first place in the championship with the financial support of entrepreneurs from Albania and Ukraine. Our team has become the foundation of our sports association and is currently registered and participating in the competitions of the Catalan Football Federation (Federació Catalana de Futbol), which is part of the Royal Federation of Football of Spain (Real Federación Española de Fútbol). Our goal is to develop not the only one futsal team, on the basis of which an association appeared, but also the appearance of a football and futsal school, with several teams of different levels and ages around Barcelona, as well as ​​the creation of teams and schools in other sports. We seek to cooperate with like-minded people from all countries to organize sports education, leisure and social adaptation of people in difficult conditions of life in emigration. Friendship, mutual assistance and personal development through sports are the main value on the basis of which our organization was created.

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